Boost revenue and foster loyalty with magazines that continually surpass customer expectations.

Customer magazines have been at the heart of John Brown Media’s business for over 25 years. Working across B2C, B2B and staff communications, we’ve published over 100 print and digital titles for a growing roster of national and international clients, and won many awards for our work.

Greater focus on journalistic quality has driven customer magazines to new heights of popularity, with some consumer titles now greatly outstripping the readership figures of newsstand equivalents. Equally, magazines have become much more sophisticated in the way they foster loyalty and drive reader behaviour, with featured products and services in our B2C client magazines generating substantial sales increases.

With every issue we create the perfect fusion of your immediate strategic priorities and the lifestyles and reading preferences of your target audience. We continually innovate new ways to deploy customer magazines across multiple content channels, in addition to continually identifying new opportunities to generate advertising revenue streams.

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